Most Played Online Poker Games

Texas Holdem is one of the most popular poker games in the world

Poker is a game that commands a huge following among casino games' players. There are varied reasons why gamers prefer poker to other casino games. Some view poker as a complex game and simply for that reason they are attracted to the game; these people prefer complex rather than simple games. Some people view poker as a game that attracts high rollers while at the same time having the highest payout among all casino games therefore attracted by potential winnings/profits. There are however some who just love the fact that you can switch between one game of poker to another when the previous game becomes monotonous and boring. The latter is the focus of this article as it unravels the most played and most popular online poker games. Have a look here at these different online poker games and choose your own to play.

Chinese Poker

Chinese Poker is a newer version of poker that was founded in 2011. Chinese Poker differs from other games in that it's played with open cards. The objective of Chinese Poker is to compare hands much like in card games such as Gin Rummy. The game is best played by four players with the players taking turns to pick up cards from the deck. After all the cards from the deck have been picked, players are then required to compile three hands using the cards they have picked, the player who manages to create three valuable card combinations from the cards s/he picked wins the game.

Texas Hold 'em

In the western world and also at some of the top poker global tournaments including World Series of Poker (WSOP), Texas Hold 'em is the game of choice. This game is about creating the most valuable 5-card hand from the cards you are dealt and also by utilising the community cards. Texas Hold 'em is played on a table (usually round) with the dealer sitting at the top. Action starts with the dealer who distributes the cards first to all the players, two each. Once done, in a clockwise cycle, the players take turns to bet.

Seven Card Stud

This game is still enjoyed by many gamers around the world but finds itself lagging behind the 'newer' Texas Hold 'em. This game is played pretty much in the same way as Texas Hold 'em. When the players sit on the Seven Card Stud poker table, there are already three cards dealt, two face down and one face up. With every dealer around the table, the dealer proceeds to deal other cards in a manner that will leave every player with seven cards, four face up and three face down. With these seven cards, the player is tasked with choosing five of the most valuable cards in order to make up his 5 cards valuable combination. The player who has the most valuable card combination will win the game. Seven Card Stud poker is a game that can be played with as low as two players only and with as high as 8 players at the same time.