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Nowadays the most popular online poker game by far, Texas Holdem is available in a wide variety of limit and no limit games.

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The combination of a low house edge and high payout for a royal flush make video poker a potentially lucrative game for a player.

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Discover more about the origins of poker, the numerous different versions and why poker has been so popular for generations.

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Whilst playing poker for free as a purely recreational activity is a perfectly acceptable past time, it does remove from the equation some of the very things which make poker so popular. Not only will playing free poker take away the additional thrill that comes with winning money when there is a chance of losing it, which is the very essence of gambling, but many of the games break down in structure when it is just fun demo money at stake. We have all been in that free game where players insist upon raising and re-raising on every turn just to make the pot as big as possible. A large part of becoming a skilled and accomplished poker player, whether online or not, is knowing when to hold or fold a hand, when to bet or check, when to raise, how to bluff an opponent etc. When real money is not at risk, there is very little incentive to care.

It is for this reason that playing poker or indeed any casino game for demo money is not actually a good way to practice and learn. A far better way is to begin playing for real yet small amounts which are enough to make people play in a more "normal" manner, but are still not significant enough to become too upset about should you make mistakes and lose.

To get started playing online poker now, either for real cash or simply for fun demo money to practice, click the "Play Now" button at the top of the page.

Real Money Video Poker

Play video poker online for real money

Video poker is best described as a combination of a slot machine and the game of poker. Rather than competing against other players in order to make the best hand which outranks all other players still left in the pot, the aim of video poker is to simply make the best hand. On a real money video poker machine, a payout is made based upon the strength of that hand according to the payout table displayed on the front of the machine.

Unlike traditional casino slot machines which are based upon pure chance insofar as once the lever is pulled it is simply a matter of waiting and hoping, video poker incorporates an element of skill in order to maximise a person's long-term expected return. In fact, playing video poker to perfect strategy (or at least close to perfect) often makes video poker one of the most profitable games available in a casino, unlike slot machines which are usually the ones with the worst expected return for the player. Also, video poker games offer the chance for a rather decent jackpot if a royal flush is made, which is an extra incentive over a game such as blackjack where the best a player can do in a hand is to get 3:2 on their original stake if they make a blackjack.

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