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Video poker is best described as a combination of a slot machine and the game of poker. Rather than competing against other players in order to make the best hand which outranks all other players still left in the pot, the aim of video poker is to simply make the best hand. On a real money video poker machine, a payout is made based upon the strength of that hand according to the payout table displayed on the front of the machine.

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Video Poker Relies on Skill

Unlike traditional casino slot machines which are based upon pure chance insofar as once the lever is pulled it is simply a matter of waiting and hoping, video poker incorporates an element of skill in order to maximise a person's long-term expected return. In fact, playing video poker to perfect strategy (or at least close to perfect) often makes video poker one of the most profitable games available in a casino, unlike slot machines which are usually the ones with the worst expected return for the player. Also, video poker games offer the chance for a rather decent jackpot if a royal flush is made, which is an extra incentive over a game such as blackjack where the best a player can do in a hand is to get 3:2 on their original stake if they make a blackjack.

Whilst the internet has allowed people all over the world to play online poker for real money, many casino visitors, particularly those who visit infrequently or just on a holiday to Las Vegas for example, still feel too intimidated to sit down in a casino card room in case they make a mistake and embarrass themselves. However because video poker is played solely against an inanimate machine, it allows those with an interest in poker to play whilst in a casino. Similarly, those who frequently play slots whilst their friend or partner is away playing a table game such as roulette can now play a similar game but one which is nearly always more profitable and requires some thought to go into it too!

Video Poker Online for Real Money

As video poker is played on a machine in a real life casino, there is in fact very little difference in playing video poker online as there is to playing it in a casino. Whilst many players are put off playing in an online casino because of the lack of realism - although this has been lessened recently with the introduction of live dealer casino gambling online - the close similarity between internet video poker and casino video poker means switching between the two is often of little issue and makes video poker an ideal internet casino game.

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At Reef Club online casino there are a number of video poker games available to play including favourites such as Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild and Jokers Wild. There are also jackpot video poker games available too. Plus, don't forget that those looking for free video poker or simply wishing to try before risking any money can do so in the practice play area.

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Video Poker Articles

High Limit Video Poker

With a low house edge, many high rollers and professional gamblers like to play video poker for high limits rather than other casino games.

Play Maximum Coins in Real Money Video Poker

Always play maximum coins on a hand of video poker, particularly when there is a jackpot for a royal flush as you will not qualify to win it otherwise.

Free Video Poker

Video poker is also available for free to those who do not wish to risk any real money, or wish to practice their strategy first..