High Limit Video Poker

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Video poker is often overlooked by many casino players as they focus on the more conventional and traditional games such as blackjack and roulette. However, particularly when it comes to roulette, the large house edge means that these games are likely to end up costing a player a lot of money over the long term. This is obviously undesirable for any player, but can result in a particularly high amount of money lost to the casino for those high stakes gamblers who are playing for high limits.

High Limit Video Poker can be Highly Lucrative

When played correctly in terms of following a pre-determined strategy, video poker can in fact be one of the most profitable games available in a casino in terms of the low house edge. It is for this reason that high limit video poker has become so popular amongst those wealthy individuals looking to gamble with and hopefully win large amounts of money, as for these people even a couple of percent decrease in the casino's edge can equate to thousands of pounds or dollars over the long term if not more.

As with all descriptions regarding high limit gambling, the amounts involved will all be relative to the wealth and financial status of the individual concerned, as what will be high stakes to one person will simply be peanuts to another! For many though, a definition of high limit video poker will be one in which the video poker machine accepts wagers of a few hundred pounds or dollars per each hand of the game. Considering that each hand is usually played in just five or six seconds, this will result in tens of thousands being able to be wagered every hour, which by most people's standards is a high limit!

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