One of the worst feelings in Real Money Texas Holdem Poker?

Missing out on a good flop can be one of the worst feelings in Texas Holdem poker

Ask anyone who plays Texas Holdem poker for real money what the worst feeling is in the game and they are fairly likely to say losing money. That really goes without saying, as it is highly unlikely that anyone actually tries to be the poker equivalent of santa claus by giving away free presents, although at times the loose play of some opponents does make you wonder! Ask them what the second worst feeling at the poker table is, and it will probably be folding their cards and then seeing the cards that are revealed as the play goes on between those still contesting the pot being a perfect match for their starting pair.

Missing Out on a Perfect Flop

This scenario creates all sorts of different emotions, ranging from anger and disappointment, and even to humorous disbelief as that seemingly weak two and eight you folded at the start is suddenly joined by two more eights and a two on the flop for example. What looked like a no hope hand has suddenly become a full house which will rarely be beaten (although still possible of course!).

It is for this reason that some Texas Hold Em poker players will insist on seeing the flop whatever their starting pair, as the three cards of the flop, and to a lesser extent the fourth and fifth on the turn or the river can transform any set of cards into a strong, winning hand.

Always Insisting on Seeing the Flop will Often Not Work Out Long Term

In reality though, however excrutiatingly frustrating this situation is the best real money poker players know that it is also quite rare, and that for every set of subsequent cards which are revealed after folding which would give you a winning hand, more often than not the flop would not have helped you at all and you would still be left with a weak hand, only now you have had to cough up more real money just to see them. Unless you are on for a flush, if those low value cards of yours have not been helped then it is usually because high value ones have been revealed, and as the majority of players will call or raise with high starting pairs, chances are they now have strong hands. Over the course of a playing session this can erode your bankroll to such as extent that you will gradually lose all of your chips to other, more disciplined players at the table, which is obviously not the result you are looking for when playing poker for real money.